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regarder une vidéo : COD4 Hack Pack V1.7 Free Download UNDETECTED Aimbot , Wallhack..

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COD4 Hack Pack V1.7 Free Download UNDETECTED Aimbot , Wallhack..

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Français plus bas / French lower Hi guys, today I offers you this little COD4 Hack Pack including: wallhack Crosshair  ESP Aimbot Key Team Chams line ESP 2D radar wireframe walls Aimspeed On / Off Aimbot Sorry for the lag in the video but I didn't want to change software to film the game to prove that there isn't scam! Virus Scan: Download Link (Mediafire) Like , subscribe and share this video --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Salut les gars , aujourd'hui je vous offres ce petit Hack Pack pour COD4 comprenant : WallHack Crosshair ESP Aimbot Key Team Chams Line ESP 2D radar Wireframe walls Aimspeed On / Off Aimbot Désolé pour les lags de la vidéo mais je ne voulais pas changer de logiciel pour filmer le jeu pour prouver qu'il n'y a pas d'arnaque ! Virus Scan : Lien de téléchargement ( Mediafire ) : Voila liker , Abonnez-vous & faites tourner la vidéo !!


  • 1. Update link pls :s
  • 2. link is dead
  • 3. Anyone who uses this, go slit your wrists and die. You are the people who ruined one of the greatest games of all time.
  • 4. it says it has stop working please help
  • 5. I open hack and cod4.exe and hack.exe turns off why? Help pls
  • 6. song plz !!!!!
  • 7. link is dead
  • 8. Thanx man
  • 9. back to counterstrike for me I guess
  • 10. link?
  • 11. Backgroundsong?
  • 12. Thats why call of duty 4 has so many hackers their killing the game
  • 13. song name?
  • 14. Dudes stop telling its not working i had that hack befor i format and it worked perfectly
  • 15. the game hack is stopped working....plz gave me answer....
  • 16. Everytime I use this hack crosshair keeps going up so aimbot and aiming in general doesn't do a shit. I get killed all the time. I see the enemy,put a crosshair on him,press left mouse button and it suddenly goes up in the sky.
  • 17. Survey NOOOOOB !
  • 18. You people are sickening for ruining the gaming community -TrollArch Staff
  • 19. Lol, it's a Malware install, with a fake antivirus scan... trust me. the website DOES have malware
  • 20.
  • 21. not foond
  • 22. cant download... fix the link plz!
  • 23. 4:49
  • 24. Only idiots use hack for games....
  • 25. Muisc name Pls!